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Addon Domain

Addon areas is another element of cPanel that permits you to have duplicate spaces arranged on a solitary facilitating account however with diverse root index. This implies you can have remain solitary sites with diverse spaces oversaw by a solitary cPanel account. This is an incredible element to have a few little sites under a solitary facilitating account.To include an addon area you’re facilitating account, please tap on the Addon Domains symbol under the Domains segment in your cPanel.On the following page you should information your addon space name, the subdomain/ftp username, archive pull and the secret key for the FTP account. These qualities will be auto-filled for you after you enter your addon space name.

create a addon domain cpanel
At the point when an addon space name is made, a subdomain is made also by the cPanel control board to appropriately guide the new area name to its report root. Try not to be agonized over this new subdomain that will be auto-made for you. The FTP username and watchword will be required if just you will require a different FTP record to your addon area. In the event that such won’t be required, don’t hesitate to include only any watchword to finish the process.Please note that you ought to have your addon spaces indicated your record DNS settings keeping in mind the end goal to have your record available by means of your addon area name.