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Things You Need to Know About Several Singapore VPS Hosting Services

What is VPS hosting?

Singapore VPS Hosting is a hosting service which works on virtualization technology. It has become very popular in the past few years and its demand is increasing. There are several benefits that come with it which is why it is so popular. You get more stability. Your performance will be faster with VPS hosting service. You get faster loading time. Another benefit is scalability. If you need, you can modify the resources in your server. You can upscale it or downscale it according to your needs. This is not there in the case of shared hosting services where you can use only a limited amount of resource. Unlike shared hosting services, you get security as well.

What is a dedicated server?

A server like dedicated server Singapore serves one client unlike VPS host. Two kinds of dedicated servers are there. The managed dedicated server is covered in the next section. In case of unmanaged dedicated servers, they are managed by the clients. When it comes to dedicated servers, web traffic is not something that you need to worry about unlike shared servers where your website can go down due to web traffic. You can have all the disk space you want or need along with bandwidth. Many companies promise a good bandwidth but you must do a background check and read reviews before putting your faith on the company. Security is not an issue when it comes to dedicated servers. Thus, these servers are very reliable, flexible, and cost-effective and give you freedom and control.

What is a managed dedicated server?

Managed dedicated server Singapore is a web hosting service which serves one client unlike shared web hosting services. It gives the client full access to the functions of the system. You can manage your firewall, upgrade software, install application for upgrades and manage other activities. Managed dedicated servers come with enhanced security. These servers are more expensive than shared hosting services but you get a lot of beneficial features and advantages along with it.

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