Onlive Server is tending to the higher maintenance-based Dedicated Server and VPS hosting solution services in the UK and South Africa countries with many richest advantages, such as technical support, etc. Cheap and best VPS Hosting & Dedicated Server plans are one of the most common choices at present for medium-scale and small-scale enterprises. Here are several UK and South Africa VPS Hosting and dedicated server plans.

In place of the UK or South Africa, the Onlive Server company is maintaining powerful VPS Hosting and Dedicated server solutions for the website. Each of our web hosting servers can help maintain your website environment according to your business area. The Best Dedicated Server Hosting and VPS service have grabbed huge popularity in recent times mainly because it is cost-effective and feature-rich. Therefore, the users find it highly attractive in comparison to shared and other server hosting solutions. UK Dedicated Server & VPS hosting services are available in two main forms and they are Linux and Windows. Windows Hosting tends to be more popular than Linux Hosting mainly because it is compatible with a number of programs and software. Hence, it has the ability to serve varied purposes and requirements of different businesses. Also, it is more user-friendly since it is based on GUI and there is absolutely no use of text commands. One of the best features of Windows Server is its affordability. Here you can choose a variety of dedicated server hosting with different types of different benefits.

The Benefits Gained from Cheap VPS & Dedicated Server:
The cheapest VPS hosting plans allow individuals and businesses to take some of the greatest benefits by being able to offer a number of solutions. In South Africa, many hosting users choose us and our services, such as VPS hosting and dedicated server services. This is a setting where there is a virtual server created on one single physical server. This virtual server behaves in an independent manner and has its very own identity. It works just in the form of a dedicated server. There is data placed on this virtual server in the form of a VM or virtual machine. There are large scale advantages of going for the most affordable South Africa-based VPS hosting plans and they are as follows:
• There is absolutely no need for users to maintain their own servers anymore. The hosting providers carry out everything without levying any extra charges.
• The users get the flexibility of hosting several accounts on one single server. This means that they can easily host multiple sites on one virtual server.
• The server is regularly updated by the hosting provider.
• There are no bad neighbors affecting the server despite the fact that there are a number of users sharing the same physical server.
• Individuals looking to start with their own server hosting company can take the best benefit of cheap VPS solutions. This is called reseller VPS hosting.
• The users of VPS servers have more resources available to them. They have the flexibility of either increasing or decreasing the resources according to their requirements.
• Server customization is also a possibility with Windows VPS hosting solutions.
• The servers are completely secure at the same time.
• The users get complete control on their servers along with having root level access to their servers. They have the ability to reboot their servers in the most independent manner.
Thus, it can be said that VPS servers have a lot to offer and the users of these servers can make the best out of them by making the choice of the right plan that perfectly suits their business requirements.
UK Dedicated Server Hosting: Yet another form of non-shared server hosting is VDS or virtual dedicated server hosting that is similar to strong hosting. In the context of the Dedicated Server Hosting service, there is a physical powerful machine that is compartmentalized. But this is not the case with VDS. In Strong and UK Dedicated Server hosting, there is one administrative layer that is present over the virtual solid machine. This administrative layer is called Hypervisor. This is the layer that manages the overall server and the use of the server resources. One of the most important functions served by the Hypervisor layer in VDS is monitoring the use of resources and increasing the performance of the server.
Conclusion: To conclude, if you are bent on using the services of a hosting provider then it is important for you to have a clear idea of the best and the most affordable UK or South Africa VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server hosting plans.