Posted on - July 12, 2018


By - Arun Kumar


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If you look for a safe remote shell access for your Linux or UNIX system, you can opt for putty. It is significant to know that what is putty before using it.

Putty is the open source application used to support different network protocols including serial port, raw socket, rlogin, SCP, SSH and serial port connection. This communication of what is putty that is carried out over the TCP/IP protocol. Apart from that, it uses a secure socket with the public key encryption. When it comes to the typed command, it is received and transferred the text response.

Key features of putty:- 

The good thing about putty is that it comes with few essential features including:

  • Putty brings better control over protocol version and SSH encryption key
    Command line SFTP and SCP clients
  • It supports different variations on a safe remote terminal
  • Putty stores preferences and hosts for further usage
  • Used with many local serial port connections
  • Putty allows dynamic, remote or local port forwarding with the SSH

Everything about putty:-
As a versatile tool, putty facilities remote access to any other computer. So, users need to know complete information about what is putty. It is simply more than the SSH clients. The best thing about this tool is that it supports various protocols which are given below.

  • rlogin: The unencrypted UNIX remote login protocol uses port 513 by default
  • SSH: SSH is the encrypted protected remote login protocol that uses port 22 by default
  • serial: This serial choice is used for connecting to the serial line. It aims to establish the serial link between systems in the lieu of either Ethernet or any other network connection
  • raw: The raw protocol is normally used for network debugging.
  • Telnet: As rlogin, telecommunication network (Telnet) is the unencrypted remote login protocol. This option uses the port 23 and also is accessible on various devices other than UNIX. As rlogin, Telnet is waned in fame because of privacy concerns.

Putty not only supports these five protocols but also supports some features like session logging, proxy sessions, saved session configurations and local settings.

Why use SSH on the Windows platform? 

The main reasons for using Putty is that it is based on the SSH protocol. Many people use web host over an unencrypted connection to manage their web hosting and even file transfers. It will create lots of security hassles. When it comes to SSH, it is a secure encrypted protocol that helps to manage the entire task properly. Onlive Server offers web hosting with SSH protocol through putty. It provides an easy and fast to access the UNIX shell space from windows system securely.